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Type                                                    : Drift Dive. Huge Coral Garden breaking at

                                                               7 - 9 m to gentle 45 degree sloping wall.

Current                                               : Mild-strong

Max.depth                                          : 25 m

Recommended certification level  : All Levels Subject Conditions


Tatawa Besar is the typical drift dive most just love! 99% from NW to SE.


Dropping just outside the coral garden with clear sighting of the reef


Things to see: 4-5 m sponges, sharks, turtles, mantis shrimp, nudis, white/ orange soft coral blown up by the currents.


When ending the dive to the SE, manytimes we meet a thermocline and counter current sneaking around the SE end of the island. There it`s time to go shallow to the coral garden, rich in colour, sometimes quite curious with the different light waves chopping images into crystal like bits like a caleidoscope.

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