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1.   Accommodation on Ships and in Homestay is based on Twin Bedroom or Cabin (in 2 cases, double twin cabin separated with curtain), Single

      (or only one couple per double twin cabin) requires 50% surcharge.

2.   Please complete the Guest Data Sheet & mail back to us: Guest Data Sheet, Details as per Pricelist.

3.   Bookings are subject to our Email Confirmation & 50% deposit received clear of fees.

4.   DiversParadiseKomodo.com pt pma and their contractors reserve the right to change or skip Program Components, Dive Sites & Final Routing

      subject to safety, conditions of weather, wind, sea & currents without prior notice, due to factors outside our and our sub contractors` control;

      changes do not entitle to refunds.

5.   Breakfast is included where indicated. Drinks are extra except on Dive Boats (Day or Safari Boat) free coffee, tea, water.

6.   Komodo Marine Park Fees are NOT INCLUDED and payable to the Marine Park Authority, the funds help to protect the Park!

      Marine Park & Harbour Fees (subject to change)

      Marine Park Diving Rp. 275.000,- (Mon-Sat) Rp. 350.000,- (Sun & National Holiday)

      Marine Park Snorkling Rp. 215.000,- (Mon-Sat) Rp. 290.000,- (Sun & National Holiday)

      Prices subject to change without notice!

7.   Departure Taxes & other Entry Fees are EXCLUDED.

8.   All divers must have proof of dive certification.

9.   If you wish to save time after arrival here and fill in the required forms already, you may click the following links to download and prepare:

      All Divers: Liability_Release_Fun Divers, Equipment_Rental, Boat_Travel, Special_Events

      Divers who wish to book diving courses also need to fill in and sign the Medical Certificate with all answers NO or have a Medical Certificate   

      signed by a Dive Doctor!

10. We teach all SSI Courses subject to Conditions. Minimum 3 Guests per booking date. Some courses are compatible with others and may

      overlap. If less than 3 Guests per Course, Courses may still be taught subject a negotiated surcharge.

11. Full payment must be made 90 days prior to arrival. All payments must be made in full prior to the commencing of any trips.

12. Upon payment DiversParadiseKomodo.com pt pma will issue a receipt as confirmation of booking.

13. In case of cancellation prior to 90 days we will refund the full amount less 10% cancellation fee.Inside 90 days prior to commencement of any

      booked programs a refund of 50% will be paid, inside 30 days no refund as in most cases ships, crews etc have been booked and assigned to the

      programs already. We recommend to take up travel insurance for this point.

14. In case of illness and inability to dive, we need to be notified the night before by 6 pm before equipment, clearance & meals are prepared. Any

       later notification a minimum surcharge of Rps 800,000 per person per day will be charged.

15. In case we are unable to provide the majority of the booked services due to any malfunctioning of machinery an appropriate amount in ratio of

      consumed/ non supplied services will be refunded.

16. Our services are considered as fulfilled if we have provided at least 75% of the booked programs.

17. Please include with payment: start and finish date and time as per quoted services. Final dates subject confirmation. Prices outside our control

      are subject to change.