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Type                                                                 : Underwater Mountain

Current                                                          : Mild-strong

Max.depth                                                    : 40 m

Recommended certification level   : All Levels Subject Conditions


 Maybe the most prominent dive site in Komodo, an absolute MUST for every dive lover!


Mostly outstanding density of aquatic life pelagics and small, maximum diversity of colour and diversity of soft - and hard coral, excellent topography!


We drop in bare sighting of the mountain, subject current direction (mostly E to W or W to E) and try to get to the current split point at max depth agreed upon.


We use a reef hook or a carefuly chosen dead rock for holding on.


The spectacle is right in front of us: sharks, turtles, occasionally a Wabbagong Shark, a Whaleshark, but moreso big trevally, tuna, barracuda, yellow fin barracuda, and sometimes COUNTLESS SCHOOLS OF FISH!


Don`t forget to look all around you, manytimes we don`t know where to look first!


The shallow parts are richest in colour and manytimes lost of smaller fishes.


Later we weave through some lower rocks to the main rock and finish at the safety stop next to the highest elevation, just under 5 m.


When sticking the head over, we sometimes feel the current much stronger than when we drifted along the side..



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