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Type:                                                     : Wall

Current                                                 : Mild-strong

Max.depth                                            : 40 m

Recommended certification level   : All Levels Subject Conditions


Outstanding density of aquatic life!


We dive in the shelter of the island, either the North side (if current flows past from the South), or the South side (if currents come from North). Outside teh sheltered area currents can be very strong at times (we should not be there!).


We stay close to the reef.


Batu Bolong means 'hole in rock' and is  one of the  famous dive sites in Komodo National Marine Park.


The South side is spectacular, the North with its pinnacles to the NE and almost vertical wall even more so!


The large walls with large corals on top and crevises are a truly amazing.


Sharks, turtles, groupers, morays, schools of Giant Trevallies, 1.3 m Napoleon Wrasse etc. can be seen. Due to the close victinity to Manta Point, occasional Manta Ray can be spotted as well.


Sometimes lucky, we can get there at slack tide and fully circumnavigate the island!

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